Sunday, February 4, 2007

Of ill motives

They want Senate dead. Now they’re running for seats in the same embattled House they wish abolished. What gives? The motives behind the administration’s so-called Team Unity’s latest circus are patently questionable, if not obviously deranged. Only vultures and similar predators seek the stench of death, like the late Kevin Carter’s Pulitzer-worthy picture of an emaciated Sudanese child struggling to get to the feeding center while a fat vulture waits patiently in the background for the child-prey to finally fall. It could smell death and couldn’t wait for a piece of its meat.

No, more like a bomb expert given the task of building a house--a house of glass at that. They can’t wait to blow the house down, like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Or a doctor declaring the patient a cadaver even before it could even complain of what really ills him/her.

What’s apparent is that these Team Unity presidential factotums are running to deliver the last nails on the Senate coffin (wittingly or unwittingly, as rubber-stampers that will themselves become), the Senate being the few remaining parts of our democratic system that run against their and their boss’ dictatorial interests.

Indeed, a vote for any of these personalities is a vote for unity. That is: unity in greed, in further spreading mayhem and madness, and in ensuring that the cheater, thief and murderer pretending to be in control of a crisis-embedded nation stays ‘til kingdom come.

But if they think they can confuse the Filipinos this time, they will be united in their shocked surprise that not a word from any of them or their spin doctors will ever be credible—just like the person they serve.

At least, the opposition candidates despite their faults know they’re running to preserve the role of the Senate in keeping the balance of power, and not to make minced meat out of the Senate as this so-called Team Unity bets are only built for once the election smoke has settled.

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